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Public Speaking


Looking for inspiration and motivation to help achieve and excel in all facets of life? Look no further, because I am the motivational speaker that can make a difference! With a track record of 40+ years of successful endeavors,  I am well-equipped to help others achieve their aspirations and unlock their full potential!



Are you looking for a fresh perspective regarding new ventures or goals? Are you desiring new possibilities or opportunities, but feel stuck in a rut?


Do you need inspiration in overcoming obstacles or for gaining more self-confidence to tackle the challenges in daily life or business?

Taco Bell Annual Shareholder's Convention - Keynote

"Get ready to be empowered, inspired and elevated to an evolved mindset and new level of peak performance."


Kevin McMayhill - Allied Associates

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Penn State University Faculty - Workshop

"Larry unlocks a serious can-do attitude by incorporating his powerful philosophy and innovative strategic content with engaging life lessons, experiences and stories that paved the way to his life-long success."


Rebeka Truillo - Freeman


Could you benefit from insight and strategies designed to achieve ambitions? Could you use a boost in productivity by maximizing goal setting, time management, and stress reduction?


Are you feeling the need to re-energize and motivate a team or group in order to improve productivity and morale, but not sure where to start?

Letterberg & Associates - Virtual Session

Through Larry's no-holds-barred high-energy speaking style, wisdom and insightful common sense,  you will grow to express your own enlightenment, fortify individual strengths, and enhance emotional connections with your colleagues, friends and families."


Connie Liu - Tricentis

Would you like an invigorating event that brings people together who share similar aspirations or challenges, which helps individuals to feel less alone in their struggles, thus providing a sense of support and encouragement?


Would you enjoy an emotional reset in order to reframe your mindset or beliefs in order to modify your attitude towards business, a career, a relationship, or life in general?


Bank of America - Workshop

Through my dynamic speeches and presentations, I provide you with the tools and mindset necessary to overcome obstacles and reach success. My passion for helping others is evident at every event I speak at, and I am dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on each and every person in attendance.

Don't let fear or self-doubt hold you back any longer. Book me for your next event and let me help you unleash the power within yourself to reach new heights!

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LensCrafters - Conference

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