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Show/Podcast Concept

I created the video seen below in 2022 with the intention of submitting an electronic press kit to media outlets in the hope of generating interest in landing my own show/podcast. However, as Steven well knows, most media outlets are not interested in straight-shooting truth and reality, even the so-called conservative ones, as my concept doesn't fit into any of their agendas. So, I scrapped the project.

However, after watching Steven's video today entitled, "It's time to stop...", and listening to everything that he had to say, I felt that just maybe, a guy like me would be the perfect candidate for a new show/podcast to be affiliated with Steven's outlooks and upcoming plans.

I have a lot to share with you regarding my concept, plans, ideas, etc., but I want to keep things simple for now, as not to waste your time in the event that you have no interest after taking in the content of this page and watching my video. Should you have interest to know more, see some samples of show/podcast content, etc., then I can provide all that upon request. 

I have full studio capabilities for content creation in my home, i am accomplished in graphic design, web design, video & audio production, managing social media accounts . . . the works. I could build a complete brand for my content across all platforms, and I already own the website name

I will leave it at that for now. If you like what I have to say in the video and would be interested in exploring things further, please let me know. I appreciate your time and consideration.

- Stereo System

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